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The autumn will be soft with pretty green hues; and the winter will be made with tender shades of blue, gray and white. I love colors that are not too strong, that are strong enough to appeal to the eye but not the mind. I like to mix the feeling that nature gives me with the feeling of lace and the feeling of silk.” Awards and honors “I have been interested in design since I was a child. My father was a well-known architect, but he was also very interested in jewelry design. So I think I had a little of both in my blood.” “I wanted to be a fashion designer, but there was no school in Paris for that. I was about eighteen when I started working at a small leather and fur shop. . . . I had done nothing before and I did it for the love of the art. I designed clothes for a friend and she had me give her a discount. . . . I decided to take her shopping and sell the clothes. I had a little money and it was a good way to practice what I wanted to do. Before long, I had bought a big apartment with an office in the same building as the boutique. I used to wear black and be in the office all the time. . . . I have to say I was very well dressed, always looking very chic. I was in the shop, looking at the catalogues, and I came up with the idea of making a line of dresses. I was not particularly concerned about the house. I was working hard on the fashion house, and I spent most of my time in that little office with my mother. My mother was a great designer. She taught me what fabrics to use and how to cut the pieces. When I graduated from the house, she took me on as a stylist, to make my dresses. I lived with my mother and sister, and I worked full time for the fashion house. It was a very good time for me.” “My father was an architect, my mother was a designer, and my grandparents were known artists. They were very famous for the work that they did in fashion design. My grandparents lived in a big, old villa in the Piazza Navona and it was filled with art. My mother designed evening dresses for them, and they were very chic.



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