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With Shelley-Anne's expert mediation skills we were able to reach a resolution and avoid litigation and its associated costs. Mediation should definitely be a first option.

Sue , Office Manager

I would highly recommend Shelley-Anne. Her calm presence and skill allowed us to focus on the real issues and we felt completely safe and in control. She explained everything in very clear terms. 

Simon, Senior HR Manager

Thank you Shelley-Anne. you helped me see the bigger picture. I understood I was holding on to negative feelings and I just needed to let go . I now go to work feeling happy and excited rather than anxious and worried.

Graham, Architect

My neighbour and I had been unable to resolve our dispute. We both felt so uncomfortable bumping into each other. Mediation was a last resort  - and it worked! Shelley-Anne helped us see each other's viewpoints and once we did  it was an eye opener. We now regularly  pop in to each other's flats for a cup of tea and chat. 

Florence & Leah -  neighbours

I just wanted to thank you for helping us deal with our break up in a way that allowed us to have some agency and to retain dignity. Mediation helped us to treat each other with respect and keep things in proportion. We are now able to proceed with our divorce without histrionics and our children have benefitted from not being dragged onto an emotIonal rollercoaster. I can't thank you enough. 

Laurence, Banker

After years of battling through the litigation process and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel I was able to find a way forward through mediation and, allthough there is still work to be done, I can see an ever bigger chink of light. Thank you Shelley-Anne. You are a very good mediator.

Brian, Technican

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