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Education is not preparation for life:education is life itself.

John Dewey


Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) mediation is a fast growing area. Anxiety both during and post pandemic has heightened the need for SEND support in education. The waiting times for appeals against Local Authority decisions can be up to a year due to the amount of applications.  Mediation is offered by the Local Authority as a much earlier option to discuss the issues in a non-formal setting (usually online) which can result in a decision being overturned by the LA if sufficient evidence is presented to demonstrate need. As an experienced SEND mediator Shelley-Anne has excellent understanding of the process and issues involved.

Shelley-Anne was an amazing help throughout the whole process from start to finish keeping us really well informed. I feel very grateful to have had her help with this matter.


Kate, Parent

SEND Mediation

Shelley-Anne, was very helpful throughout the [mediation] process, clearly explaining and taking the time I needed to answer all my questions.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. 


Karen, Parent

SEND Mediation

Hugely impressed with Shelley-Anne. We've used mediation a few times with a different firm but wish I'd used your company before. Shelley-Anne was always on hand if I needed to ask anything and went above and beyond. Thank you


Lisa, Parent

SEND Mediation

Shelley-Anne conducted the mediation in a professional manner and facilitated a constructive conversation.

SENAR, Local Authority

SEND Mediation

The SEND Mediation Process

SEND mediation is a conversation facilitated by a mediator between the parents/carers, school and the Local Authority putting the child/young person front and centre. It's an informal setting where all the issues and concerns about the child/young person's needs are discussed. The Local Authority case officer (SENDAR) has the opportunity to listen to all the parties, gather information and make an informed decision.


The outcome (the only legal part of the process) is recorded by the mediator and is binding on the Local Authority. A SEND mediation usually lasts around 1.5 hours.

SEND Code of Practice

Chapter 11.13  SEND Code of Practice 2015 and SEND Regulations 2014

Mediation can take place following decisions by a local authority not to:

*carry out an EHC Needs Assessment

*issue an EHC plan

*amend an EHC plan

*maintain an EHC plan. 

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