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Family Dispute

Any problem,big or small, within a family,always seems to start with bad communications. Someone isn't listening.


Emma Thompson


Mediation prior to embarking on one of the most stressful legal processes can be highly effective in navigating a divorce or legal separation, especially when children are involved. Agreeing on a clear set of rules regarding the division of assets and childcare arrangements in a non-adversarial confidential setting (whether in person or online) can make a huge difference to the whole experience of the legal process and help to improve ongoing relationships.​

Mediation is not an alternative to couples or family therapy and specialist family lawyers should be instructed by the parties to advise on and oversee the legal process.

I just wanted to thank you for helping us deal with our break up in a way that allowed us to have some agency and to retain dignity. Mediation helped us to understand how to treat one another with respect and keep things in proportion. We are now able to proceed with our divorce without histrionics and our children have benefitted from not being dragged onto an emotional rollercoaster. I can't thank you enough. 



Family mediation

Although our separation was painful, by attending mediation beforehand and agreeing between us how we wanted to divide up the home we had shared for over 9 years made the legal process much easier as we didn't feel antagonistic towards one another. We have been able to remain friends which was extremely important to us.


Louise & Jason 

Separation mediation


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