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Office Meeting

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
Henry Ford

We are all different.


Working alongside others (even virtually) whether in a large corporation or in a small start up can bring about behavioural clashes (often referred to as personality clashes) and differing  opinions.

Work related conflicts often cause high levels of stress which have a negative effect on productivity and morale. The negativity this creates can also radiate out to others within the workplace. 

Through careful listening to the issues involved, how they are being expressed and unlocking the underlying emotions, a mediator can help identify the key areas of tension and conflict, shift mindsets and assist in   rebuilding (and in some cases, building) a harmonious working relationship.

Thank you Shelley-Anne. You helped me see the bigger picture. I was holding on to negative feelings which I needed to let go of. I now go to work feeling happy and excited rather than anxious and worried.



Workplace dispute

Your style of mediation was fair to both parties. You gave us both equal time to articulate our feelings and thoughts and if we went off course managed to reign it back in effectively. Your calming approach and manner made me feel very comfortable to be open and honest.


Employee dispute

Post mediation things seem to be going really well.  Communication in the office is much better and and tensions seem to have really reduced.  I can't thank you enough for the work you did with the team. It really enabled them to re frame their thinking and is having a really positive impact on their working relationship. 

Employee dispute


I don’t think we realised how much the situation had taken out of us both mentally and physically.We now look at things in a different light.  Thank you for all your help . We just wished we had mediated sooner.


Employee dispute


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