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Neighbourhood & Community Mediation

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Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbour's noisy party than being there. 

Franklin P. Jones



Neighbours and communities can be a fantastic support and resource.


A neighbour can become so much more than just someone who lives close to us. They can even become a good friend, someone to take in a parcel for us , lend us that cup of sugar, flour or an egg. But living in close proximity can also bring out our less neighbourly side. Because of the close proximity, neighbour and community conflicts can be extremely stressful.  Small issues can very quickly become high conflict situations. The negative impact this may have on our everyday lives can even make us consider moving - not just from our home but from the area we know and love. Noise, smells, parking issues, over-bright security lighting, overgrown gardens and hedges....these complaints can all sound trivial but they are anything but when we are confronting them on a regular basis in our homes. 


Through mediation, parties can start to see the situation from everyone's perspective and really begin to understand why they feel and act/react the way they do. Feuding neighbours can, if they are both willing, start to rebuild a relationship based on mutual understanding, respect, neighbourliness and community. 

We had been unable to resolve our dispute for several years. We both felt so uncomfortable bumping into each other. Mediation was a last resort  - and it worked! Shelley-Anne helped us see things from each other's view and once we did it was an eye-opener. We now regularly  pop in to each other's flats for a cup of tea and a chat! 

Florence & Leah - neighbour dispute

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